Workshop: Elevating feedback for better performance

On 23 Oct 2018, the workshop “Elevating feedback for better performance” has been taken place successfully . In the workshop, Dr. Jack Zenger has shared many new interesting trends on how to give feedbacks by companies around the world.

According to Dr.Jack, feedback is basically information which has been accumulated from the work done in the past time, and it helps us to recognize better solutions and correct any mistake in time. Moreover, recent studies brought by Zenger Folkman has shown that we all have a need and desire to receive feedback. Giving helpful feedback will also affect the enthusiasm and working motivation of the employees.

At the same time, in the workshop, Ms. Pham Thi My Le, Chairwoman of Le & Associates and Mr. Makoto Miyauchi, Representative Director, COO of DI Asia Inc. have shared some typical interesting examples that they have experienced in the real business world. Especially, Ms. Le revealed that technology has helped her to cut down 60% the budget in management and problem-solving field.   

Mr. Makoto said that, there are 3 problems related to the backlog of Japanese company. Firstly, there are a lot of elderly employees, however they do not have the right to make any decision at work. Next, young talented employees begin to lose the motivation in working. Another worrying issue is the dependent on seniority of elderly employees.

In regard of the generation issue, Ms. Le shared that in the discussion session, the reality is that in high-level positions, usually are people who have seniority in work and also are elderly, while employees mostly are Millennials – people born from the first 1980 to the first 2000, very energetic and creative. Such gap in the age and consciousness had made it harder to give feedback. The young generation found it hard to give feedback to the elderly people.

The application of technology is also discussed in the workshop. Ms. Le said that in order to connect the PG, PB systems around the world, L & A is currently using a mobile real time application. In the past, when technology was not available widely yet, at-point-salesperson usually receive the text not only late but also inconsistent. Some didn’t read the message also. After using the mobile real time application, the notification is sent at the same time and at-point-salesperson required to press the button (YES) to confirm they had read the notification. The biggest plus of this application is the ability to provide two-way feedback between employees and managers, thereby ensure a smooth and convenient process, improve the productivity and effectiveness of work.

The topic of Human Resources Technology and Manage Work Performance are the two main themes in L & A’s 2018 workshops. At the same time, in 2019, we will continue exploit into these two themes with multidisciplinary workshops and will be held throughout the country. For the most up-to-date workshop information from L & A, you can join Group LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/10395063/

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