Workshop: “Solutions to well manage labor force and to meet seasonal needs”

"Hòa bình" - "kích thích" và sự lựa chọn thông minh của người lãnh đạo

Almost every single corporation has to deal with varying workload fluctuations throughout the year. During peak seasons, a massive workload increase demands a large amount of personnel to accomplish the goal within so short a space of time. But at certain times, the business undergoes a steady operation, the company has to plan redundancy strategies […]

Certified Performance Management Professional Course in July, 2019

Course overview In the last May, Le & Associates combined with KPI Academy has organized Certified Performance Management Professional courses that have successfully completed. The participants expressed high satisfaction with useful content as well as open, enthusiastic and professional attitude from Le & Associates’s lecturers and experts. The course was received big interest from the […]


Following the success of workshop “Performance Management for Business Breakthrough” organized in July 2018 that attracted more than 80 CEO, CFO and HR managers, on 22th May 2019, Le & Associates (L & A) in collaboration with CPA Australia will be holding a workshop on “Driving better alignment of back-office performance to the corporate’s”. Back […]

Certified Performance Management Professional Course

Performance management is one of the leading demands in any organizations in order to ensure that individuals contribute positively to obtain the business objectives of each unit, feedback and employee development for better results, the fair reward,…. Course overview On 23 May – 25 May, Le & Associates organizations “Certified Performance Management Professional” courses, combined […]

Workshop: Optimizing HR Management by Technology and Behavioral Psychology

Gallup research in 2016 reveals that more than 70% of Millenials, those born between 1981 – 2000, are not professionally engaged and neither display high morale nor any emotional or behavioral connection to their job. And leaving their job can cost organizations between from 16% to 213% of the lost employee’s salary, according to the […]

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