FinxS Decoding: A Breakthrough From the Extended DISC Platform

As part of L & A’s 2018 international event series, the Behavior Analysis Trainer Certification Training Program – Extended DISC/FinxS organized by L & A with the participation of Mr. Jukka Sappinen, the “father” of the FinxS platform (formerly EDISC) will take place from October 10 – October 27. FinxS is currently widely used in […]

Train the trainer – Extended DISC / FinxS Professional Certification

extended disc international

ABOUT FINXS After the success of the Extended DISC foundation, the global HR community once again embraced the new evolution of this foundation with more helpful tools and utilities. It is pleasure for L & A to introduce FinxS, an enhanced version of Extended DISC, has just been released and updated by Mr. Jukka Sappinen […]

How the use of FinxS avoided the loss of valuable staff members

This is not the first case study that demonstrates the important contribution behavioral style analysis can make to effective management. Jim was a conscientious employee who had been with the company for over ten years. During this time he had been promoted to head of his department and was responsible for the management of a […]

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