Production Outsourcing

Production Outsourcing

Production Outsourcing is an L & A solution provided to customers who want to ensure products, output productivity without labor management. With a strong human resource base and modern technology, L & A has more than 20 years of undertaking projects in multiple industries across the country.

Client's needs

Flexible personnel according to seasons and projects.

Good management of pricing, profit optimization.

Reduce the risk of labor disputes.

Avoid the burden of recruiting and training human resources.

The production process is operated as planned, ensuring output.

The staff has a lot of experience

L&A's Production Outsourcing Solution

To meet client’s expectations, L & A accepts human resources in production and shoulders all the work of supplying and managing human resources from attracting, training, supervising, motivating to achieve the output and quality committed to customers. Service fees will be charged according to the unit price multiplied by the number of products that L & A makes.

Our Advantages

More than 20 years of experience, knowledgeable about many industries

24,000 employees operating across the country

Highly professional HRBP team, complying with the law

Modern technology helps optimize performance in real time

Source of more than 100,000 candidate data ready to supplement peak season personnel

The advantage of L & A in this service is
the HR partner team (HRBP);
Understand the production environment in terms of occupational safety and discipline. We also offer rotation solutions and seasonal agility with the support of the on-field project management team.

L & A projects apply modern technology in each stage, from recruitment and quick training on multiple platforms, to the process of management, evaluation of personnel and performance.

The stages that we have been implementing with a total of nearly 24,000 employees include processing, packaging, production coordination, quality management, warehousing and distribution in industries such as Manufacture, Pharmaceutical product, Agriculture, Logistics,

L & A also has the experience and efficient process to transfer projects from other contractors. From there, it still ensures to meet the productivity needs of customers.

Our Commitment

Quantity/volume of output.

Stable personnel

Material losses

Quality assessment; Product defect rate

Coverage / Reach

Deployment Timeline / Execution Time

Safety and discipline

Training and competencies



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