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More than 80 CEOs, CFOs, and HR Managers participate the “Performance management for business breakthrough” seminar

On 27/7, the “Performance management for business breakthrough” seminar has occurred successfully. The seminar proudly welcomes the appearance of more than 80 CEOs, CFOs, and HR managers. At the workshop, speakers openly shared about practical solutions, “DOs and DON’Ts” while building a performance management system.

The seminar welcomes the attendance of more than 80 CEOs, CFOs, and HR Managers

“The lack of business strategy, information collecting system, decentralization; the blurred line between business plan and KPIs; and the improper implementation of BSC/ KPI are the most common problems during the conduction and maintenance of performance management” says Ms. Lê Lan Hương – HR Director, Tasco group.

The implementation of technology is also of the most concerned topics at the seminar. Thanks to real-time-location performance management software, managers can easily supervise the working performance of individuals, while ensuring the smooth and transparent connection between departments.

Participants give questions to speakers proactively

“In order to build and operate smoothly the performance management system, one must carefully refer these 6 principles: (1) be simple and approachable, with or without the technology implementation; (2) educate mangers/directors on the value of performance management; (3) specify in detail the evaluation criteria (if needed) according to the organization’s priority; (4) conduct a balance system to guarantee equality; (5) encourage and give comment on-time and continuously; (6) Give feedback to overcome obstacles, and to improve skills/ career path in the future” emphasize Ms. Phạm Thị Mỹ Lệ – Chairwoman, Le & Associates (L & A).

Ms. Phạm Thị Mỹ Lệ – Chairwoman, Le & Associates gives speech at the seminar

“It’s a must to guarantee the performance system is able to correctly align individuals’ goals with the organization’s strategy, and the responsibility of mid-level managers. They need to understand how essential the meaning of the HR evaluation process with the team management” adds Mr. Phan Sơn – HR Managers, Vingroup.

At the end of the seminar, 2 vouchers of the free access to the “Extraordinary Leader Summit” in Hong Kong on 11/09/2018 (each voucher worth 800$). L &A gladly congratulates Ms. Vũ Thu Hà and Ms. Trần Thanh Huyền are the 2 lucky guests to receive these gifts from us.

Congratulate 2 lucky guests to receive vouchers to to the “Extraordinary Leader Summit” by L & A

Le & Associates would love to once again, say thanks to the enthusiastic response from the participants. We also highly appreciate the profound partnership from CPA Australia to support us in bringing this meaningful seminar.


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