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Members of Forbes Business Development Council share their best tips in how to maintain mid-sized clients

In B2B market, mid-sized clients present tremendous potential elements. They have more resources than small startups, and have not encountered bureaucracy and bottlenecks yet like larger enterprises.

Regardless of such great potential, mid-sizes are barely approached accordingly to their actual scale. Salespeople often treat them whether with small- or big-scaled clients. In order to fully carter mid-sized companies, B2B sales team must build a throughout attracting plan, service structures, and also adjustable options to suit the clients’ needs.

These are shares from 5 members of Forbes Business Development council on how to attract and retain mid-sized clients:

1. Offer a 45-day or 60-day closes

“At Helpshift, we ensure our mid-market clients to utilize our platform correctly and see value quickly, by giving them a generous time bound (around 45- 60 days) to close the deal. We make them feel like a large enterprise, and they love the white glove service,” Tushar Makhija –

2. Appoint at least 2 experience sales reprentatives

“Hold their hands, no matter the size. Each field has two members of the sales team working it, on point to answer any questions or concerns from the customer. The point is to eliminate discriminative treats to all customers” – Wayne Elsey, Elsey Enterprises

3. Technical specialist resources

“Mid-sized clients are often the fastest growing customer segment and may represent a big opportunity. To nurture relationship with these customers, we offer technical specialists to support them with practical and meaningful solutions, which certainly fit their business model.” – Rakhi Voria, Microsoft

4. Approach aggressively

Medium-sized companies should be treated equally like the enterprises, as they represent not only important revenue but a tremendous source of future growth. Thanks to mediocre business model, they don’t requires much time and effort as other giants, but do not shortchange them on attention and care” – Adam Mendler, Beverly Hills Chairs

5. Quickly figure out their balance between their time and resources

“When it comes to medium-level businesses, the velocity of the deal is greatly important. Mid-sized businesses are extremely time- and resource sensitive, and the sales process must be reactive to this mindset. Set up an intense discovery process to identify their internal balance of time and resources, and address the opportunities, as well as benefits for your product/service to enhance the balance.” – Christian Valiulis, Automatic Payroll Systems


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