MBA students from Clarkson University (New York) select L & A for learning experience about doing business in Vietnam

Success in a global marketplace requires a firsthand understanding of different cultures and how they do business. For that reason, students enrolled in the Global MBA program of Clarkson University (New York) are given an opportunity to visit numerous countries in search of varied foreign business environments.

In 2012, Clarkson MBA students conducted face-to-face interviews with business models of typical companies in Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam. Le & Associates is the first human capital solutions company to be selected in Asia.

A meeting between the MBA students and representatives of L&A directorship was held on March 10, 2012 in an outdoor setting. Mrs. Tran Thuy Tram, L&A Executive Search & Selection Director, shared pertinent anecdotes about the company’s operation over the years. Afterwards the students put forward a number of questions about L&A’s business, the Vietnamese business environment in general, as well as potential career opportunities in the country.

When asked to share some tips on doing business in Vietnam, Mr. Tran Bang Viet, L&A Business Development Director, emphasized that businesses need to take advantage of their business relationships and expand them so as to capture accurate and timely information about trends and changes in the domestic market. The students also exchanged their views on what factors they will consider when deciding to develop their careers in a foreign environment.

The trip ended with a visiting tour of L&A various departments. The MBA students expressed the hope that they will be able to cooperate with L&A in the near future. This meeting served as a connecting bridge to help improve and expand foreign human resources working in Vietnam.


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