Mass Recruitment

Mass Recruitment

Recruiting a large number of employees in a short time is a difficult problem for businesses, especially in the peak season. HR not only needs to hire the right people for the job, but also fit the company culture to add personnel in the shortest time possible.

Client's needs


It is necessary to quickly recruit a large number of temporary workers to expand production and business during the peak season.


It is necessary to quickly replenish the shortage of personnel to implement new projects.

Our Values

The recruitment process shortens time, reduces cost load and is consistent in localities/regions.

Easily solve personnel problems in the peak season.

Quick access to a large number of qualified candidates with diverse expertise across the country.

Ensure compliance with the provisions of the law.

Our Advantages

A database of more than 100,000 quality candidates, present throughout the country, has been accumulated and screened by L&A over the past 20 years.

Recruit directly multi-channel and through referrals from a network of collaborators and internal employees.

HRBP team is highly specialized, professional assurance and legal compliance.

Modern HR technology helps optimize the process.

Services are designed diversely and flexibly according to the needs of each customer.

The Fields of L&A's Mass Recruitment Service

With a huge source of candidates, solid professional background, combining modern technology and accumulated experience of more than 20 years, L & A has participated in mass recruitment for many projects with positions: Worker, PG / PG, sales staff, customer service staff, …


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