Typical projects

Manufacturing – Production Outsourcing Showcase

Client: Leading petrochemical and energy company with 94,000 employees in 70 countries. In Vietnam, it manufactures, trades and markets quality lubricant for cars, motors & specialized transport vehicles: heavy trucks and ships; for all kinds of engines and industrial machines.

Scope of work:

  • Production Outsourcing  (plus full range of HR and operation management).

Duration: 2011 ~ present (still going on).

Headcount: 59 ~ 100 (subject to seasonal demand).

Project’s challenges

  • Shell needs to upgrade HRM in production operation meanwhile to reduce the workload of management team;
  • Increasing in wage, yet productivities are remain the same.

Solution by L & A

  • Comprehensive management with commitment to the output KPIs;
  • HR management is well taken care by an HR Business Partner, side by side with Project Manager;
  • Recruitment and proactive training to replace poor performance.


  • Productivity improvement: 10%;
  • Cost saving: 13%;
  • Production schedule: 99%;
  • Safety – Health compliance: 100%.

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