Typical projects

Logistics – Employment Outsourcing Showcase

Client: With more than 30 years’ experience, client is the leading agency in: Footwear Industry Production, Bag Industry Production, Investment – Business – Administration, Real Estate & Infrastructure Industry, Port & Logistics, Tourism, Trade & Services.

Scope of work

  • Complete output-based production outsourcing with full range of project management and manpower supply: labeling garment products.

Duration: From March 2017.

Headcount: Nearly 50.

Project’s challenges:

  • Inexperience in the garment product labeling;
  • Strong HR fluctuation due to seasonal outputs;
  • Difficulties in increasing the productivity.


  • Briefly train workers for the first 2 days;
  • Rotate workers from other projects of slow seasons;
  • Improve the management of productivity with LEAN, or JIT;
  • Design KPIs for each specific position.


  • Provided 100% well-trained workers in time;
  • The productivity improved by 40-50% per head.

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