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Lesley Jane Seymour, former Editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, and her bizarre interviewing experience

Lesley Ley is a former Editor-in-chief of many famous female magazines which are published in 20 different languages such as YM, More or Marie Claire. Different from other recruiters who usually try to “sale” the positions, Lesley believes that honesty can make the hiring process go a long way.

Lesley Jane – former Editor-in-chief of Marie Claire

That’s especially true in the publishing world where Lesley works, which is known for its challenges

When she interviews candidates—especially the millennial and younger prospects—Lesley makes these challenges very clear. “I’m not polite any more. I tell the prospective employee that publishing environments can be hard to work in,” says Lesley. “I tell them it can take four years instead of two to advance. If they are still sitting in the chair across from me when I’m finished with this non-seduction, I figure they must really want the job.”

Similarly, LinkedIn’s Head of Recruiting, Brendan Browne, also recommends that hiring managers “un-sell” opportunities to candidates in order to set expectations correctly, and focus on testing the candidate’s grit and resilience instead.

Brendan Browne – LinkedIn’s Head of Recruiting

Interviewing is the process which requires not just straight-off-the-book practices, but also profound experience.

Besides experience and skills, the determination toward the position is also a key factor in the labor evaluation process, especially with positions whose nature is rather steady yet stressful. In order to identify matters that cannot be found on the CV, and eliminate candidates with unrealistic expectations, recruiters must have a certain amount of experience, as well as pocket some quirky tricks, or useful tools.

Extended DISC is the must-try behavior testing tools, which is able to generate measurable results about personality, strengths and weaknesses, as well as personal orientation. Results withdrawn from the test can be a firm foundation for the recruiters to base their decisions on.

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