L&A consults the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) for Vinasoy

On August 18, 2011, L&A recently began implementation of a “Developing Balanced Scorecard” project for Vietnam Soya milk Company (Vinasoy).

The project’s purpose is to develop a management system and measurement strategy combining traditional financial and non-financial indicators. The result will ensure that Vinasoy attains strategic targets for sustainable development in 2011 through 2015.

With a view to securing high quality human resources and supporting Vinasoy in its goal of sustainable growth, customized human resources development strategies will be instigated. L&A’s professionals will employ and transfer proven scientific tools to implement the project, with an expected completion of 9 months.

Vinasoy is the first and the only business in Vietnam specializing in soya milk. With 12 year experience, Vinasoy is now the leader in the domestic market for paper packaged soya milk. Accounting for 70% of the market share, the factory has the largest capacity for production in Vietnam.

This strategic management tool, BSC as perfected by L&A, upgrades standards for client’s basic BSC frameworks. By formulating a strategy map, L&A can propose professional guidelines and developmental strategies for corporate BSC establishments. L&A also develops objective systems and performance measurement tools to assess professional maturity levels for every individual, department and company. BSC further supports clients by maximizing their workforce performance in this competitive business environment. Integrating personnel evaluation and efficiency of the entire corporate system into the compensation and benefit policies is the foundation for any company’s sustainable development.

Founded in 2001, L&A has become a leading provider for trustworthy Human Capital solutions aligned with clients’ business strategies. L&A is the official partner of Extended DISC International (Finland) in Vietnam.


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