L&A accompanies with young entrepreneurs and SMEs

After two rounds of the project “Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) Networking and Mentoring program 2011”, 50 excellent young business leaders will receive DISC‘s extension (Extended DISC) reports, funded by Human Capital Solution firm Le&Associates (L&A).
This project is carried out by a group of scholars and students graduated from prestigious scholarship programs: Fulbright, Humphrey, International Visitor Leadership Program… and is sponsored by the U.S.A. Ambassador. This is one of 38 projects worldwide selected very thorough by the U.S. Foreign Ministry for their financial aid.

Within 10 months (from 03/03/2012 to 12/16/2012), the advisory board of economic experts, directors, executives from major corporations will share their experience toward the development of businesses for 50 applicants.

In addition, 50 candidates will join the Extended DISC® test. This is a suite of online assessment tools that provide persuasive, specific information to maximize the performance of teams, individuals and organization.

Extended DISC® is based on the premise that there are no good or bad people – there are only different people. We all have the opportunity to improve ourselves by learning to recognize our personalities’ strengths and weaknesses, by accepting their existence and by searching for new ways to capitalize on them.

Le&Associates (L&A) is the local official partner of Extended DISC® International in Vietnam.

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For more information about the program, please contact email: cs@la.com.vn or phone: 0902 989 578

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