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In order to give out precise decisions, especially personnel-related ones, organizations must gain a “birds-eye” view on their surrounding environment by measuring themselves with standards of the industry and on national, and even global scale. Only when the internal standard is raised remarkably, that the equality, competitiveness and strategy orientation can be firmly guaranteed.

Throughout 18 years of professional operation, L & A has accumulated a large database. Information has been collected from the internal operations, as well as from the business relationship with our world-class partners.

  • 100,000 candidates
  • Behavioral assessment of 1,000,000 candidates worldwide
  • Requirements for 1,100 jobs in 22 fields
  • KPI library for 25 different fields
  • 1,000,000 assessment reports for 85,000 business leader all over the world
  • Payroll and C&B system for 15 fields

L & A’s HR database allows organizations to be measured in 3 levels:

  • Internal organization: to build a united measurement system for the whole organization – to attract and retain talents, standardize HR management system, design training plan, and evaluate the contribution of individuals/departments to the company’s general growth, regardless of diverse natures.
  • Same-field organizations: to correctly identify their own position in the field, to come up with appropriate winning strategy in the talents competition.
  • National and global scale: to compare business results with the national and international standards – to precisely orient the business strategy on the quality and effectiveness of HR investment.

Pioneering in the trend of implementing advanced HR technology into both HR strategy and operation, L & A’s HR database optimizes every single HR-related task – ranging from recruitment, training, and performance management to professional HR management system while strictly integrating to the organization’s strategies through growth phases.

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World-class HR database, advanced HR technology, and professional HR model are the 3 core values that bring L & A unique competence in the HR service industry.

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