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HRBP (Human Resource Partner) Model at L&A

In the early 90s, while the human resources department at Vietnamese enterprises was still struggling to handle all stages related to human resources, many foreign or foreign-invested corporations put into operation HRBP (Human Resource Business Partner) team to improve the efficiency of human resource management. Established in 2001, L&A is proud to be a pioneer in applying HRBP to services provided to customers .

What is the difference between HRBP and traditional HR?

HRBP still has the same responsibilities and professional skills as traditional HR, but compared to traditional HR, HRBP is under pressure to deliver value-based rather than rely on activity-based completion. This requires HRBP people to understand the nature of the business, play a consulting role and provide services to departments to ensure each department has the best human resources to complete its KPIs according to the company’s overall strategy.

HRBP is divided into many different levels, from strategic, tactical to operational levels to connect and utilize the organization’s resources in addition to other functional managers and departments.

The effectiveness of HRBP is assessed in association with financial and business results (e.g. sales team salary performance on sales), not just based on workload or number of jobs (e.g. number of successful salespeople). therefore, this model is a more complete development of traditional HR; eliminates the weaknesses that traditional HR cannot accomplish, really pushing the role of human resource management and development to a higher level and a heavier voice in the leadership at the top of the business.

Competitive strengths of HRBP team at L&A

Optimizing the efficiency of your company’s investment in human resources is the motto of L&A’s dynamic and experienced HRBP team. Supported by sophisticated HR technology and rich databases, we are always ready to support and accompany your company in the challenges of human resource management and development to successfully implement the development strategy set by business leaders.

With 18 years of continuous development, L&A’s HRBP team is getting stronger and more professional. Currently, we have been trusted by many large, multinational and local enterprises such as Saigon Coop, Vingroup, Procter & Gamble, Prudential…


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