L & A holds the “Leadership Skills” workshop for Nok Vietnam

The management of Vietnam Nok Co., Ltd experienced rewarding insights during a two-day course entitled, “Leadership” , conducted by senior management from L&A, and following specific requirements as requested by Nok Co., the program took place on the 26th & 27th of March, 2012.

Through group activities, games and incorporating the “background knowledge system”, attendees measurably enhanced their skills in:

  • Recognizing the role and duties of Leadership
  • Understanding the benefits of becoming a capacity manager and leader
  • Learning how to create and maintain a capacity, efficient and dedicated group
  • Applying the training tools to achieve the highest possible results through understanding behavior; promoting the strengths and weaknesses of each individual as well as the whole group and learning to resolve conflicts
  • Mastering skills in communication and influencing others



Vietnam Nok delegates expressed a number of positive experiences resulting from their participation

  • Ms. Lê Thị Huỳnh Kim (IS Control Manager): “The workshop brings about many useful experience in leadership. Interesting”.
  • Mr. Phan Trường Thành (System Manager): “A lot of realistic and necessary skills for managers/leaders, both in job and daily life”.
  • Mr. Đỗ Anh Tuấn (Assisitant Manager – Engineering): “After the workshop, I feel more confident speaking in front of crowd, know how to listen and share with others. I also gain competences in HR management”.
  • Mr. Phan Vĩnh Tân (Supervisor – Inspection 1) “Very useful, help me to learn more about managing skills, be confident, and know how to listen to others. Especially, the workshop shows me how to communicate fluently and logically”.
  • Mr. Nguyễn Duy Trường (Supervisor – Spring) “It’s my pleasure to participate this workshop. It gives me self-confidence to present in front of crowd”.


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