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Key to extraordinary leadership

An extraordinary leader is able to duplicate the revenue, and such skills can be obtained through learning and education.

Double the revenue

Business leaders always aim to the perfection to become extraordinary leaders. However, according to Mr. Rex Brown – Zenger Folkman (ZF), vice president, perfectionism does not make an extraordinary leader. Leaders only need some specific strength and develop them intensively to become extraordinary.

According to ZF, extraordinary leaders own 16 competences, which are: (1) displays high integrity and honesty; (2) technical/professional expertise displays high integrity and honesty; (3) solves problems and analyzes issues; (4) innovates; (5) practices self-development; (6) drives for results; (7) establishes stretch goals; (8) takes initiative; (9) communicates powerfully and prolifically; (10) inspires and motivates others to high performance; (11) builds relationships; (12) develops others; (13) collaboration and teamwork; (14) develops strategic perspective; (15) champions change; (16) connects the group to the outside world

Among those 16 leadership competences, the displaying high integrity and honesty is the core value, the key principle to differentiate a “good” and an “extraordinary” leader.

A Zenger Folkman’s research with 850.000 leaders all around the word states: an extraordinary leader cares and emphasizes the customer’s satisfaction, retains talents and doubles the revenue. The research also shows a mediocre leader can only achieve the 34% in annual revenue growth, comparing with the solid 100% of annual revenue growth with an extraordinary leader. Business leaders also express a profound connection with the staffs, which can reach up to the impressive rate of 80% – 90%.

IBM’s research in 2013 with 1.700 operation managers in 64 countries presented 3 most important qualities of a great leader is the ability of high concentration in customers’ needs; the ability to co-operate; and the voice to inspire others. Among those mentioned three, the inspiring voice brings the most upbringing result since employees are likely to show deep commitment with the current task.

Leadership skills development

The management of labor force is undeniably one of the most concerned obstacles for business leaders. Leadership skills can be improved through academic learning and actual doing. Extraordinary leaders commit high working ethics, intensive amount of time in achieving the long-term goals they set for the business. Besides, professional relationships and roles are also their priorities which demand continuous efforts.

In Vietnam, in order to enhance leadership skills, most organizations follow the traditional method which is to address and overcome weaknesses. However, according to ZF’s research, focusing on developing one’s strengths will bring about even more effective and rapid results in the building process of leadership.

Mr. Ngo Đinh Đuc – Le & Associates (L&A), former Operation Manager believes that in order to improve a specific competencies in the organizations, the implication of strength boosting will certainly bring the prospect of extraordinary leadership to the organization.

As mentioned, the displaying high integrity and honesty is the core value yet also considered the most difficult to obtain and improve. The only method is to develop various companion competencies such as builds relationships; inspires and motivates others to high performance; communicates powerfully and prolifically;…

Certainly, it’s a bumping, and effort-demanding journey since leadership skills development require a committing process, not a magical instant change. However, the result is surely worth the efforts, for both personal and operational scale.


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