Exclusive courses based on behavioral competency assessment

Exclusive courses based on behavioral capacity assessment

Specialized training

Human Resource Management

  • Competency-based interviewing (CBI)
  • Human Resources Partner (HRBP)

Soft skills training

  • Excellence in customer care
  • Excellent sales skills

  • The art of sympathetic communication
  • Solve the problem of the mind and heart

Management Training – Leadership

  • Team building and management
  • Assign and delegate tasks

  • Outstanding Leader

  • Engage employees with behavioral psychology
  • Work efficiency management

  • Motivation and Motivation

  • Develop strategic vision

App training

HR technology

  • FinxS application to increase human resource efficiency

  • Connecting human resource management with business strategy

  • Capacity building and application in human resource development

  • 3P compensation system: Lessons learned from implementation

  • Increase performance by system



  • Leadership development through companion behavior

  • Conflict resolution – Strengthening corporate culture

  • FinxS Expert Coaching

  • Develop strategic vision

And more than 100 other popular courses



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