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L & A’s training service

One of the top success factors of our courses L & A courses is ever the selected Lecturers, whom are dedicated, skillful and strongly experienced in the field of lecture. For the international courses, the Facilitators must be trained and certified by our prestigious partners. With international cooperation courses, the Instructors are those who are trained and certified by our reputable partners.


Practical & exclusive curriculum, suitable for each customer's industry and culture

Training based on assessment and analysis of employee's capacity gap for each job position

Selected Certified Instructors

Copyright materials, multidisciplinary practical exercises

Measure training effectiveness visually and quantitatively

In particular, L&A owns exclusive corporate training programs built on the evaluation tools of reputable partners in the world that L&A only exploits in Vietnam:

Soft skills training

  • Excellence in customer care
  • Excellent sales skills
  • “Heartbreaking” communication skills
  • Solve the problem of the mind and heart

Leadership and management skills training

  • Team building and management
  • Assign and delegate tasks
  • Engage employees with behavioral psychology
  • Motivating and motivating
  • Vision and strategy development


  • Training companion behavior – developing leadership strengths (Extraordinary Leaders)
  • Improve human resource management capacity
  • Conflict resolution – Strengthening corporate culture
  • Develop a human resource management plan for sustainable development
  • Extended DISC . Professional Training and Certification
  • Develop strategic vision

These training programs will also be adjusted to suit the unique characteristics of the customer’s corporate culture and industry. See more L & A training courses here .

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