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Reduce errors, increase management efficiency and develop human resources by visually analyzing and reporting on behavior, personality, type and trends, job-culture fit, management Team,…

Different strengths
  • Đánh giá năng lực hành vi một cách thức, tăng tính trung thực.
  • Dễ sử dụng với trên 55 loại ngôn ngữ khác nhau.

Partners and technology

Extraordinary Leader of Zenger Folkman – America’s leading prestigious organization for leadership research and development, present in over 60 countries.

L & A’s partners in developing and localizing the assessment tools are trusted by Forbes 500 for many years. Their service is now used in 60 countries, and in Vietnam, L & A is the exclusive distributor. L & A. See more information about our partners here.



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