Recruitment Service

Recruitment Service

Recruitment is one of the HR processes that have a great impact on a business. Attracting the right people to your organization can make a huge and measurable impact on business performance. Therefore, L & A accompanies many businesses in the journey of finding and selecting excellent talents. With professionalism and rich experience, L & A builds an outstanding staff, contributing to improving the performance and competitiveness of the business.

Why do businesses need recruitment services?

Costs time and resources

The process of posting jobs, searching, selecting resumes, interviewing and evaluating candidates consumes a lot of time and effort for businesses.

Cannot compete with other businesses

Businesses can miss out on many potential and suitable candidates when they are not as attractive as rival companies.

It is difficult to determine standards based on the market and business situation

HR may have difficulty determining standards for selected positions when unable to balance the market situation, business needs and recruitment budget. In addition, recruiting for senior positions also requires a lot of expertise and interview techniques.

Overloaded due to large recruitment volume

When a business needs to add a large number of employees, especially during the peak season, HR has to manage many files, exchange information, arrange interviews and evaluate many candidates, leading to overload.

Focus on production and business activities

Many businesses want to focus on management and operations so they do not invest in recruitment.

Our Advantages

With over 20 years of experience in recruitment, L & A has successfully supported businesses of all sizes and classes of work. Whether you’re looking to fill a long-term, contractual, or short-term position, L & A has the expertise, tools, and experience to fill it.

Candidate source

L & A accumulated over 20 years of operation, including more than 100,000 diverse records of professional skills. Quality candidates are recruited directly on multiple channels or from internal referrals and networks of collaborators. The network of human resources is present throughout the country, ready to meet the recruitment needs of businesses.

Professional quality and experience

L & A's services are performed by a team of HRBP professionals who comply with laws and regulations. With long-term experience, L & A's team implements a professional and fast recruitment process, bringing personnel who are professionally responsive and suitable for corporate culture, including senior to senior positions. Enterprises can be completely assured when cooperating with L & A, focusing on the production and operation process without worrying about consuming time, cost and recruitment manpower.

Apply technology to shorten and optimize processes

With advanced tools in the management and evaluation process, L & A helps the recruitment process take place quickly, save costs and minimize risks for customers.

Information security

L & A is committed to protecting information related to customers, vacancies, requirements, etc. From there, ensuring competitiveness and serving the business's human resource strategy.

L & A's recruitment field

After many years in the field of human resources, L & A has been in charge of recruiting diverse positions for customers in many different industries.

Recruitment of administrators and senior positions

Recruiting unskilled workers for manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods,...

Recruiting PG/PB, marketing at point of sale

Recruiting for other positions



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