Staffing & Outsourcing

Staffing & Outsourcing

L&A understands that each business’s business strategy is different. Therefore, our Staffing and Outsourcing services are designed to meet our customers’ specific requirements. The service quality of L&A has been proven and recognized over the past 20 years by leading name companies.

Our Values

Improve productivity, work quality and optimize investment efficiency

Free HR from non-core HR administrative tasks

Improve compliance and compatibility with labor legislation

Our Advantages

What makes L&A’s competitive strength in the field of human resource contracting and human resource supply is the ability to actively manage projects under the Human Resource Partnership (HRBP) model.

From there, advise, propose to customers effective solutions, and connect your strategic plan to increase business efficiency. The skilled HRBP team is always proactive in attracting, supervising, motivating and developing talents to increase the efficiency of each project and has in-depth knowledge of Labor Law and its application in Vietnam.

Besides, the project implementation achieved satisfactory results thanks to taking advantage of L & A’s modern and professional technology such as:

The platform recruits fast and the right people from employee referrals and collaborators, in addition to a database of more than 100,000 graded candidates and websites with hundreds of new resumes every month.

High-security human resource management and payroll software, very convenient two-way interaction with employees.

Real-time location-based mobile app for sales teams to monitor and synchronize market activity data.

Our Scope of Services

HR outsourcing
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Production manpower contractor

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Commercial Manpower Contracting

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Salary Management

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Recruitment in large numbers

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