Consulting on organizational restructuring

Consulting on organizational restructuring

From January 2023, L & A's Assessment, Training and Consulting services division is officially merged into SKALE with the aim of optimizing services based on L & A's more than 20 years of management knowledge and SKALE's advanced HR technology.

A survey by the Japan Labor Institute on 10,000 enterprises with more than 300 employees showed that the main reasons for enterprises to decide to restructure their organizations include business environment or supply chain crisis (84%). , saving labor & costs (58%), consolidating & narrowing business areas (44%).

In a situation where the economy is under heavy pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic, if Vietnamese businesses do not act promptly, they may be at risk of dissolution.

With a team of experienced consultants, L & A’s organizational restructuring consulting services help business leaders find flexible solutions for the present and sustainability for the future to optimize operations. Motivate and create efficiency for the organization expressed through results such as:

  • The organizational apparatus is adaptive and flexible to new strategies & changes in the environment
  • Optimizing the budget for investment in human resources
  • Choose the right leader to accompany & develop the business

By applying the applied methodology based on the “Congruent Management Model” model of David Nadler and Michael Tushman of Columbia University (USA) and surveying and evaluation companies from leading partners. As the world’s leading consultant, L & A’s consultants will carry out the following activities during the consulting process:

  • Review the direction & strategy of the organization
  • Situation analysis & organizational design
  • Identify outstanding leaders of the business
  • Negotiate & create new opportunities for employees


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