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How to rapidly close deals like a pro

The key of a neat success in Sales is to create the urgency matter for the deal. Certainly, customers’ instinct prioritizes steady evaluation, but just with a subtle touch, you will eliminate all fussy concerns of the potential leads. According to Hubspot, however, creating the proper urgency during the negotiation is not an easy task. These are 3 recommendations for a successful effort to create such intangible aspect for your deal.

1. Emphasizes the scarcity

The more the quality, the less people want. On the other hand, if it’s an exclusive product/service, or offered in a limited amount, the desire will definitely be higher

Take Apple’s iPhone as an instance. Any new iPhone model is considered expensive and exclusive by the public which leads quick decision-making process, and instant purchase. Try to apply this method on your product/service by offering a limited amount, or a restricted time bound. The more narrow the opportunity; your customer will be more likely to buy.

2. Focus on the client’s needs

It takes a deep acknowledgement of the client’s needs, obstacles, and reasons why they should acquire your product/service. Instead of “bragging” about the product, listing out benefits they will receive, and how you will optimize the product’s property to align it with their business model. From the client’s perspective, their problems are urgent; a suitable solution will build trust, which lead to a faster-closed deal.

3. Bring out the consequences

We are likely to avoid consequences, and the fear of losing a current key part of property. Thus, that safety-oriented fear usually overshadows the desire of earning more.

Don’t hesitate to list out scenarios or consequences that will plague clients’ organization if your product is not acquired. The simplest mean is to point out numbers, the amount of resource they would have been saved with the integration of your product/service. Instead of positivity, dig deeper into the gloomy consequences of theirs, since the psychological impact will be much greater, which boost the decision making progress significantly.


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