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Hiring priorities of Salli Krawcech, former Manager of Wealth Consultant firm Merrill Lynch

Hiring priorities of Salli Krawcech, former Manager of Wealth Consultant firm Merrill Lynch Sallie Krawcheck is the founder and CEO of Ellevest, former Manager of Wealth Consultant firm Merrill Lynch, and one of the most influential business women. Sallie claims that finding the “superstar” has never been her first criteria in hiring.

Business recruitment is similar with selecting players for a formation in football. The coach cannot just “lure” 10 center forwarders, plus 1 goalkeeper, and hope for the best, regardless of how good those forwarders are. “That’s not how I hire. I don’t look to put the best person in the job. Instead, I look to put the best team together, and that can be a very different exercise,” says Sallie. A team with the diversity in mindsets, personalities, and backgrounds will work more efficiently, thanks to the bird-viewed perspective and the ability to look at each other back.

Sallie Krawcheck – Founder and CEO of Ellevest

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., also shares the same point of view with Sallie. In the interview with the Fortune, he strongly affirms that diversity is the key to success for Apple Inc. “I think the most diverse group will produce the best product, I firmly believe that,” says Tim. A global enterprise like Apple, with the world-scaled target customer, must utilize the labor diversity as the key element to achieve the current success, as well as the company’s stable growth in the future.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc.

The question is: how to recruit and train “job-fit and culture-fit” labor?
In the time of constantly changing market and technology, the recruitment is no longer just the question of skills, or experience, which can be easily addressed on the CV. The real challenge in hiring these days is to find the candidates who are suitable for both the position, as well as the company’s culture. The culture-fit element plays a vital role in cementing the working commitment.

In reality, recruiters cannot completely evaluate one’s personality, and working attitude through a 45-minute interview since what the candidate shows us during the interview is well-prepared, and rather not subjective. Thanks to organizations’ need of authentic interviewing result, behavior test like Extended DISC (ED) has become vastly popular. The unique advantage of ED is the ability to identify precisely candidates’ personality, which allows the recruiter to make correct hiring decisions. Thus, ED also support the organization to assess individual, and organizational behaviors, in order to remarkably improve the performance.

ED’s offers are being distributed exclusively in Vietnam by Le & Associates. We are proud to be the only ED’s strategic partner in Vietnam. Organizations can find and take benefit from Extended DISC at Le & Associates.

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