FinxS Decoding: A Breakthrough From the Extended DISC Platform

As part of L & A’s 2018 international event series, the Behavior Analysis Trainer Certification Training Program – Extended DISC/FinxS organized by L & A with the participation of Mr. Jukka Sappinen, the “father” of the FinxS platform (formerly EDISC) will take place from October 10 – October 27.

FinxS is currently widely used in 50 countries around the world, trusted by million-dollar companies on the Forbes 500 list. In Vietnam, L & A is currently the exclusive partner distributing this platform.

Every year, L & A organizes training courses to certify behavioral analysis trainers – Extended DISC/FinxS to help the team of consultants (trainers), CEOs, and department directors update new knowledge about this unique and useful platform.

What is FinxS?

The FinxS platform is an enhanced version of Extended DISC, newly introduced by Mr. Jukka Sappinen (Finland), founder and developer of Extended DISC, updated at the Asia Partner Conference in Kuala Lumpur in April 2018.

FinxS builds an assessment model for recruitment and training at a higher level

Inheriting the success of Extended DISC, the reviews of the FinxS platform are more diverse in terms of use, and at the same time upgrading and designing review sets specifically for the Sales Department – the main driver of the network to revenue for the company.

Specifically, reviews of the FinxS platform are divided into several groups according to user purposes:

  • Sales staff recruitment review
  • Sales staff development assessment
  • Assessment of 18 sales competencies
  • Behavior analysis review

3 outstanding differences of FinxS compared to Extended DISC

FinxS decodes the Excuse Index, one of the important parameters that helps identify and explain why a Sales Director, even at the peak of his career, still decides to change career/start a business.

  • This index helps Human Resources Directors in deciding whether to consider a Sales Director for a higher position (Deputy General or Regional Manager).
  • For Sales Directors themselves, they also understand better what they truly desire in their career path, thereby making the right choices.

Therefore, the Excuse Index of the FinxS platform, above all, is transparency in recruitment and promotion built on the spirit of inquiry and honesty from both sides.

FinxS perfects 18 sales competencies of sales staff, helping to fill the gap between Sales Director and Human Resources Director in recruiting and training sales staff.

This positive move really pushes the role of the Human Resources Management and Development Department to a higher level and has a stronger voice in the Board of Directors at the top of the business through positive contributions in terms of human resources so that the sales department operates more effectively.

FinxS helps business owners, CEOs, Human Resources Directors, and Sales Directors truly understand the strengths and weaknesses of the existing staff to have a comprehensive training facility; from there, devise an appropriate business strategy and implementation plan.

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In particular, at noon on November 7, Mr. Jukka Sappinen will have an intimate meeting with L&A VIP guests to answer questions about the FinxS platform as well as share the effectiveness of using FinxS in other countries. The program is part of a series of HR gossip activities organized monthly by L & A.

Because the meeting is limited in number and only for VIP guests of L & A, for readers interested in the program, you can sign up to receive L & A’s human resources newsletter at the website footer to update information as soon as possible.

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