Employment Outsourcing

Employment Outsourcing

L&A  is a reputable company providing Employment Outsourcing service with more than 20 years of experience. L & A currently manages nearly 24,000 employees in more than 200 projects/year in the FMCG, Retail, Electronics industries,… 

Client's Challenges

The recruitment process is time-consuming, laborious, and does not ensure the quality of candidates when recruiting urgently or in large quantities.

There is no time and resources to manage, train and develop employees for project and seasonal positions.

Industrial relations management faces difficulties in the face of complex and frequently changing laws and regulations. Worry about risks, conflicts and disputes with workers.

Solve Cilent's Challenges with Our Employment Outsourcing Service

Improve productivity and work quality

With a large candidate database, L & A quickly provides staff with appropriate skills and experience, helping customers optimize productivity and work quality. From there, quickly and promptly respond to personnel needs, especially in cases that need urgent recruitment, large numbers or seasonality

Freed from administrative and human resource work

L&A takes care of the process of recruitment, signing contracts, salary management, performance management and related contents. From there, saving time and human resources for businesses, helping businesses focus on production and other important strategic goals.

Comply with labor laws and regulations

L&A commits to ensuring compliance and compatibility with labor legal regulations, helping businesses avoid legal problems, and creating conditions for a healthy and safe working environment.

Our Advantages

L&A understands that each business has its own distinct and peculiar strategy. This is why L&A’s Human Resources Contracting and Supply services are built to flexibly meet the special requirements of our customers. L&A is proud of its achievements and experience that have been tested and recognized during the past 20 years by leading names in the industry worldwide.

Scope of L&A's Employment Outsourcing Service

Combining the HRBP team and advanced HR technology , L&A delivers increasingly better KPIs and meets every challenge in each project.



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