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IT Business Analyst


  • Receive technology development requests from business units and analyze operations to clarify requirements.
  • The study requires the beginning of the business and quick professional advice on preliminary options.
  • Exchange and collect detailed information requirements from departments, Analyze and write requirements documents
    use (URD), requirements specification (SRS) for project deployment, or user manuals.
  • Coordinate with planning departments when approved for project implementation and act as a focal point for communication with businesses
    the case during the deployment.
  • Receive and handle errors and problems arising during the development and operation of software systems
    Within its capabilities, transfer errors and problems to the software vendor for handling.
  • Participate in software testing to ensure that specific technical standards are met in
    technical catalog, descriptive documents and system design.
  • Find and select and evaluate software providers related to the fields of Technology.
  • Coordinate and monitor software vendors to ensure on-schedule deployment of IT systems
    and the right requirements for departments.
  • Receive the supplier’s handover of software systems and software operation management to meet
    requirements for use by the Company.
  • Research and advise the Head of Department on required technology or software applications.


  • Graduated from College or University majoring in IT.
  • Understanding of project implementation models in the field of Information Technology.
  • Know some simple database query statements.
  • Know how to use some supporting software in process design, interface such as PowerDesigner, Visio,
    Mockup, photoshop
  • Ability to search, collect and synthesize information quickly and reliably.
  • Skills in writing documents, training, software manuals for users and presentations.
  • Ability to analyze, logical thinking.
  • Good interoperability with units, departments and divisions.
  • Good analytical & problem solving skills.
  • Good problem and problem solving skills.
  • Communication skills, quick learning, self-research to explore new IT applications for the company


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