Commercial Outsourcing

Commercial Outsourcing

Commercial Outsourcing is a human resources solution in the commercial sector of L & A provided to customers, especially in the FMCG, F&B, Pharmaceutical industries,… L & A’s services are comprehensive and flexible, with experience in implementing and accompanying many businesses over the past 20 years.

Client's Needs

Human resources are flexible according to seasons and projects, especially during peak seasons

Low fixed costs, maximized profit

Minimized labor disputes

Released from recruitment and training pressure

Reduce the difficulty in managing personnel and goods dispersed in many areas

Meet the need for product coverage in the market and increase customer satisfaction experience with technology

Our Commercial Outsourcing Solutions

Understanding the above expectations of customers, L & A has provided a workforce contracting solution according to commercial block output with many spanning functions. Depending on the nature of the industry, scale and needs of each business, L & A will flexibly fine-tune the service to be the most suitable and effective in terms of quality and cost.

Our Advantages

L & A is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resource. Therefore, the L & A team not only has high HR expertise, but also deep understanding of many industries. Therefore, the L&A solution provided is practical and flexible, ensuring the most suitable and optimal for each customer.

The platform affirms the quality of L & A services provided including: Skilled team, technology application ability, market understanding and outstanding marketing/sales experience.

Specifically, L & A’s solution stands out thanks to:

Applying technology platforms saves costs and time.

Proficient, in compliance with frequently changing laws and regulations.

The marketing/HR team understands the market, is experienced and enthusiastic, dedicated to each customer.

Ensure effective implementation with real-time reporting tools at each employee's work location.

Commitment to performance, coverage,... for customers.

A team of 24,000 employees and a source of 100,000 candidates across the country, ready to serve customer needs during the peak season.

Our Commitments

Output quantity/volume

Stable personnel


Quality assessment; Product defect rate

Coverage / Reach

Deployment Timeline / Execution Time

Safety and discipline

Training and competencies



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