Certified Performance Management Professional Course

Performance management is one of the leading demands in any organizations in order to ensure that individuals contribute positively to obtain the business objectives of each unit, feedback and employee development for better results, the fair reward,….

Course overview

On 23 May – 25 May, Le & Associates organizations “Certified Performance Management Professional” courses, combined with KPI Academy.  KPI Academy which is the leading organizations ,specialized in research and training on Performance Management, drawn from 10 years of research  in the field of performance measurement and relies on best practices identified in the real business environment.

The course provides a strong foundation towards managing performance in different scenarios, by presenting relevant tools, processes and techniques meant at closing the performance gap. This training course presents 6 pillars that need to be applied to ensure performance improvement, starting from data analysis and reporting, continuing with decision making and initiative management and ending with learning and building a performance culture. These six pillars are then applied in 12 scenarios, starting from different levels across the company, to diverse capabilities and different stakeholders.

For more information about course, please contact cs@lademo2.ipartner.vn or phone number: 0902 989 578


  • Manage performance at all levels, by identifying and addressing specific challenges;
  • Develop and maintain a functional Performance Improvement System;
  • Enhance the decision making process by using relevant data;
  • Nurture a performance culture.

Course’s agenda

Pre-course: 09/05/2019 – 22/05/2019

Learn in classroom: 23/05/2019–25/05/2019 in Vissai SaiGon Hotel

After-course: 26/05/2019 – 06/06/2019

International certification after the course:

  • Certificate of Completion (soft copy): after completing pre-course activities and passing the Certification Exam;
  • Certificate of Attendance (hard copy): after participating at the 3 days of on-site training course;
  • Certified Performance Management Professional diploma (hard copy): after you have successfully completed all the 3 stages of the learning experience.

Participants’ profile

  • Individuals interested in performance management
  • Top/middle/lower management people
  • Performance management experts
  • HR Directors, HR Experts

Organization’s profile

20+ partners in Local and Global Success

150+ projects Completed and Ongoing

10,000+ qualified staff In Cities and Provinces Nationwide

20+ years of experiences

50,000+ hours Training and Consulting

KPI Institute – a research institute specialized in business performance

12+ years of Experience

140+ the research report

4,650+ training specialist

1,000+ performance report from 125 countries


Dr. Aurel Brudan

Founder & CEO – The KPI Institute

Aurel Brudan is the founder and CEO of The KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators research and education.

In addition, he works in many different roles:

  • As a consultant, Aurel conducted numerous performance management system implementations using solutions such as the Balanced Scorecard, operational dashboards and functional performance scorecards. Among his most important clients are Australia Post, the Australian Federal Administration, the Victorian State Government, Brisbane City Council, National Australia Bank, Qatar Supreme Council Of Health and SABIS.
  • As an educator, Aurel has accumulated hundreds of hours of experience in a variety of settings, from open and in-house training delivery to tutoring management for the University of Melbourne.
  • Aurel has tertiary qualifications in both Economics and Marketing, complemented by postgraduate certificates in Advanced Learning and Leadership, as well as in Research Commercialization from the Melbourne Business School in Australia. Aurel is also in the final stages of his PhD. candidature, researching Integrated Performance Management Systems at the University of Melbourne.

For more information about course, please contact cs@lademo2.ipartner.vn or phone number: 0902 989 578

Contact now

For more information about the program, please contact email: cs@la.com.vn or phone: 0902 989 578

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