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Building a human resource management system

From January 2023, L & A's Assessment, Training and Consulting services division is officially merged into SKALE with the aim of optimizing services based on L & A's more than 20 years of management knowledge and SKALE's advanced HR technology.

L & A has helped clients in many industries, establish a scientific human resource management system, closely connected with strategic goals in a tailor-made manner to best suit their own size and culture. With this system, realization of strategic goals is possible through:

  • Increasing motivation and commitment to contribute.
  • Self-development of employees.
  • Smooth coordination of functional parts.
  • Attract and retain talent through transparency and fairness.
  • Be proactive in organizational and succession planning.

Aside from the team trained to understand and manage human resource effectively, the results from the consulting project for your company also include:

  • Simplified organizational structure
  • Equal performance management system
  • Transparent competence management system
  • Completed payroll and C&B system

Deploying the application of a real-time performance management system and assessing employee capacity within the Company will be more transparent and easier thanks to the application of human resources technology at a reasonable cost in terms of numbers. user.

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