How to Target Passive Job Seekers

The labor market is still tight. Sitting back and waiting (and hoping) for the right candidates to apply to your job postings is not an effective way to staff your openings. You need to be proactive. Being proactive includes targeting passive job seekers. Passive job seekers are individuals who are currently employed and not actively […]

How to Develop a Staffing Plan

kế hoạch nhân sự

Your employees are one of your greatest assets. However, too often, organizations struggle to manage their human resources and plan for the future.  However, most businesses often struggle to deal with inefficiency in resource management and to plan staffing strategy for the future. This inefficiency can stem from many reasons such as: skills gaps, over-employment, […]

What are some tips for screening résumés?

Đánh giá năng lực nhân sự - 5 bước sàng lọc CV hiệu quả nhất

Screening a stack of résumés can be a daunting task for even experienced recruiters. So, is there a method that will make the résumés-screening process easier and still ensure employers select the most suitable candidates? There is an organized approach that has been integrated into the résumés-screening process by the wisest recruiters and has proven […]

Are You An Office Peacemaker Or A Provocateur?

Are you more of a peacemaker, or are you more effective at provoking others to take action and get things done? Are you the person that wants to make everyone feel welcomed, or are you the person that challenges team members to do something that seems impossible?  “Peacemaker” and “Provocateur” are two terminologies in the […]

Workshop: “Solutions to well manage labor force and to meet seasonal needs”

"Hòa bình" - "kích thích" và sự lựa chọn thông minh của người lãnh đạo

Almost every single corporation has to deal with varying workload fluctuations throughout the year. During peak seasons, a massive workload increase demands a large amount of personnel to accomplish the goal within so short a space of time. But at certain times, the business undergoes a steady operation, the company has to plan redundancy strategies […]

How to Recruit Amid Bad PR

It is undeniable that communication-related or PR-related issues are always be considered as the most challenging dilemmas that facing almost companies from global corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises. Just a complaint full of subjectivity, a negative figurative implication about the company, a hostilely deluded public opinion by the media that if public relations department […]

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