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Improve sales efficiency

From January 2023, L&A's Assessment, Training and Consulting services division is officially merged into SKALE with the aim of optimizing services based on L&A's more than 20 years of management knowledge and SKALE's advanced HR technology.

Reviews to increase sales efficiency, spectacular revenue breakthrough

The sales performance assessment brings the following benefits to businesses:

  • Helps avoid hiring the wrong salesperson
  • Help the company know the reason for low sales performance
  • Help improve capacity the right way to increase revenue



Differential advantage of L&A

From 20-25 minutes of answering survey questions of the assessors, the system will output a report showing the proficiency level of each employee’s key sales competencies. This is a quantitative basis to help salespeople and team leaders know their existing capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, thereby giving practical recommendations to sharpen the necessary sales skills.

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Sample report form 18 sales capacity of a candidate who is currently the Sales Manager

Sales performance assessments include:


Discover 18 sales skills of sales staff

FinxS platform developed by Mr. Jukka Sappinen (Finland) and widely applied in 50 countries around the world, trusted by million dollar companies in the Forbes 500 list. In Vietnam, L&A is currently the only partner distributing this platform.

“18 sales competencies” is one of the important indicators of the FinxS platform, helping the Sales Director/HR Manager to “quantify” the necessary competencies when recruiting, training and developing. sales team. The definitions of competencies are used in sync with other countries around the world.

In a survey of over 280 Sales Directors/Human Resources Directors conducted by L&A in July about 18 sales competencies of sales staff, some facts have gradually revealed…

1. Conflict with superiors, boss is the main reason why business employees jump jobs: Yes
2. Good presentation is the most important skill of a salesperson: Report numbers are not
3. Finding customers is the most important sales ability from the perspective of HR Directors/Sales Managers: Standard
4. Good salespeople need to possess all the superlative selling abilities: Wrong so wrong
5. Every salesperson can accurately quantify their own value: Not exactly
6. A talented business director, no matter how high the KPI is, only “snap the finger and you’re done” will never quit the job: Big mistake

Average score of HR department and sales department when talking about 18 sales capabilities (Excerpt from the survey report of 18 sales capabilities conducted by L&A)

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