Assessment for Building and Enhancing Team Performance

Assessment for Building and Enhancing Team Performance

From January 2023, L & A's Assessment, Training and Consulting services division is officially merged into SKALE with the aim of optimizing services based on L & A's more than 20 years of management knowledge and SKALE's advanced HR technology.

Assessments to build and improve team performance

From the assessment of members’ personal behavior and trends, extensive reports provide businesses with comprehensive overviews of the group’s “personality picture” and at the same time suggest solutions. Specifically to increase group cohesion, arrange appropriate group capacity, improve group work performance, reduce conflicts and disagreements if any among members,…

From behavioral assessment, unconscious reflexes, analysis of team strengths, predictions,… group reports from Extended DISC that you can choose from include:

  • Working couple analysis
  • Group analysis
  • Job fit analysis
  • Conflict resolution app

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Assessment to strengthen corporate culture, attract and retain talent, and increase employee engagement

This assessment helps business leaders have a comprehensive, in-depth and objective view of corporate culture, satisfaction with the working environment and employee engagement with the company.

Advantages of L & A

Enterprises have long investigated employee engagement (engagement), employee cooperation in work (collaboration) and talent retention (retention) separately. In the HRBP model applied by L & A, all three issues (ECR) are a group of issues that need to be evaluated and developed within the framework of a common plan.

How to evaluate and report?

The implementation method is to survey online opinions from all employees in the departments and organizations that need research, with 15 – 20 minutes for each person to answer the questionnaire. The results are gathered and analyzed by L & A experts and the current status report of strengths and weaknesses, comparison with international standards and proposed action plan will be presented to your management.

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