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Assessment for Leadership Development

From January 2023, L&A's Assessment, Training and Consulting services division is officially merged into SKALE with the aim of optimizing services based on L&A's more than 20 years of management knowledge and SKALE's advanced HR technology.

Assessment form “Outstanding leader” This helps your Company’s administrators quickly improve their leadership capabilities by comprehensively and deeply understanding their strengths and weaknesses and developing skills based on them. sweet spot of yourself according to business needs.

According to research by Zenger Folkman, a great leader can help businesses increase profits by 200%, increase customer satisfaction by 40%, and employee engagement and productivity by 70%. It is the breakthrough goals brought by outstanding leaders that have helped L & A‘s training courses since launch have been well received by many multinational enterprises and corporations.

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In more detail, the specific gains for assessed and post-training administrators include:

  • Thoroughly and comprehensively understand the value they bring to the team/business, understand the 16 key competencies that create outstanding leaders, understand the major differences in performance between leaders “good” and “excellent”.
  • Equipped with the skills to read and understand 360-degree feedback reports on leadership capacity and self-reliance in discussing how to optimize benefits based on this analysis.
  • Applying individual/group exercises according to the principle of “understand and implement”, training effectiveness is quantified through business results.
  • Use Zenger Folkman’s unique leadership cross-training approach to create a personalized Development Plan.

Unique advantages of L&A

The reason we bring these benefits to your company administrators is thanks to some unique features of this program:

  • Focus on developing leadership capacity based on your strengths and passions
  • Cross-training of companion leadership capacity
  • Compare with national, regional and world standards

How is the assessment done?

This 360-degree assessment is done online in approximately 20-25 minutes per assessor. The results are output from the system after gathering the comments of all invited auditors. Evaluated administrators will attend a day of training to understand the power of striving for extraordinary results, receiving hands-on tools and how to use them to create performance-enhancing action plans. own leadership.

L & A is the exclusive partner to exploit the “Extraordinary Leader™” of Zenger Folkman In Vietnam, the leadership assessment and development platform is used by famous corporations in the world and is present in 60 countries.

“A simple, concrete, scientifically validated model for achieving superior business results sustainably through leadership.” – Quote from Mr. Eric Severson, Deputy General Director of SVP Talent, Gap Inc.

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