Announcement of the transfer of the Consulting and Organizational Development service segment from Le & Associates (L & A) to Skale.asia

Dear Customers,

In the face of unprecedented challenges from the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation is considered to be one of the key strategies for businesses to enhance their competitiveness and boost business performance. However, digital transformation is not simply the application of technology, but it needs to be built on a suitable human resource management and human resource technology strategy.

Capturing the trend, L & A and  EGOhitek have agreed to transfer and merge the Consulting & Organizational Development (COD) service segment from L & A to the SKALE brand (www.skale.asia), to bring a solution that leverages the strengths of L & A’s accumulated human resource management knowledge in the Vietnamese market for 20 years and SKALE’s sophisticated and flexible human resource technology system. This combination aims to better meet the growing needs of customers in making data-driven human resource decisions; solve the problem of fundamentally enhancing individual and organizational capacity for the digital transformation of businesses; and at the same time expand the human resource consulting segment for businesses from large to medium-sized.

For details of the Announcement, Responsibility Statement & Customer Commitment, please see below.

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SKALE Human Capital inherits all human resources knowledge, international data, a team of experienced consultants, and a human resources library with over 200 projects that L & A has successfully completed for leading businesses such as Vietinbank, Binh Minh Plastic, Vingroup, Generali, Keppel Land, and Saigon Co.op.

SKALE Human Capital continues to provide competency assessment and human resource management consulting services to promote organizational growth, and at the same time, deploys cloud-based human resources technology applications for businesses to subscribe according to actual needs.

With a minority investment from L&A Holdings, SKALE will continue to develop and provide technology solutions that help L & A to continuously innovate, increase productivity, and improve quality in its outsourcing projects for customers in Vietnam and abroad.

If you are interested, please contact the Human Resources Development Consulting Department (SKALE Human Capital) at the following information:

  • Hotline: (+84) 28 73 036 336
  • Email: cs@skale.asia
  • Website: https://skale.asia/


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For more information about the program, please contact email: cs@la.com.vn or phone: 0902 989 578

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