Typical projects

Agriculture – Production Outsourcing Showcase

Client: Multidisciplinary corporations including: real estate, retail, e-commerce, education, health, tourism, agriculture, automotive production …

Scope of work:

  • Production Outsourcing with full operation management.

Duration: Since April 2016 up to date.

Headcount: 300.

Project’s challenges

  • No experience in farming industry;
  • Limited candidates as located at remoted area and highly manual labor intensive.

Solution by L & A

  • Learning farming process from skill and experienced workers/ technicians in big model farms in DaLat/ Lam Dong;
  • Screening and recruiting key team members from former workers to take advantage of their experience;
  • Launching mass recruitment campaign in the region & surrounding areas with clear benefit & compliance;
  • Applying LEAN production, HR Kaizen to reduce headcount.


  • First 4 weeks: 150 headcounts in standardized full operation;
  • Specific KPIs for each job site;
  • Productivity improved by 15-20%/job site;
  • Headcount reduction by 40%.

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