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How Sales pros stay motivated

Sales is such a tough arena. When it comes to salespeople, many think of special bonuses after a piping contract. However, with sales pros who have been in the industry for years, it takes more than an amount of commission to keep them motivated with their profession. These shares of sales pros who are currently working in New York about their motivating pocket tips.

Jen Lupton – Senior Director, Grubhub
I started running a few years ago, and it’s a wonderful way to release stress after work. I’m a goal-oriented person, both if normal life and work, running allows me to nurture competitive and ambitious property of mine. I usually set a running target for myself, like half of Brooklyn for instance. And I’m probably the only person who still enjoying jigsaw puzzle, but I promise it such a great way to relax and stay motivated.

Elliot Silverstein – Account Executive, Bettercloud
I came to Bettercloud from a larger software company, where a contribution of a small individual is likely to go unseen. So being able to work and commit to a smaller, yet more consolidated brings such revitalization to my work life. I also enjoy travelling and explore new eat place in the city, so earning big commission is a very big plus working in Sales.

Lalita Boonnoppornkul – Enterprise Manager, Stack Overflow
I often work out during the lunch break, to break the day a bit, and release stress. Occasionally, I and my colleague join gym class together after work. Travelling and eating are my 2 favorite hobbies. I’m proud to say that I have never missed my goal of travelling one new city every month since 2017. This year, I’m planning to visit Hawaii, Montreal, LA, and hopefully, Europe in December!

Ashley Rosenberg – Sales Representative, Yotpo
Passion for sports encourages me to join outdoor activities. During off-work times, I’m a gym cardio trainer at modelFit. Besides, I’m also a shopaholic, and big commission after a hardworking effort in sales does pay off when it comes to my expensive hobby – Louboutins in my favorite!

Sandrine Jabouin – BD Manager, SpotMe
One the significant perk of working in Sales is travelling. SpotMe has client worldwide, including Italy, and I have had chance to travel all around the world to meet clients and attend at events. Besides, sports and charity activities also allow me to balance my schedule between working and normal life.


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